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Franchisability Review


Is your business franchisable?

Learn the cold, hard, unbiased truth about the franchisability of your proposed franchise.

This template will force you to answer 28 strategically designed questions relating to the key elements of your proposed franchise. You have probably never asked yourself these questions. Each question has been developed based on 30 years of front-line franchise experience.

When you evaluate the answers using the carefully weighted Follow The Numbers Conclusion System included, you will discover the success potential of your proposed franchise. You will also learn methods of turning a marginal franchise program into a winning one.

EVERY BUSINESS IS NOT FRANCHISABLE! Before you spend any money developing and marketing your business as a franchise you should use the power of this Follow The Numbers template.

Asking franchise consultants or franchise development companies if your business is franchisable is absolutely counter-productive. Franchise development companies make their living developing new franchises like yours so they're very likely to tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth.


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