Franchise Documents & Templates

Why Franchise Your Business?

More than 560,000 franchised businesses dot the American landscape generating more than $800 billion in sales. A new franchise business opens somewhere in the U.S. every 8 minutes.

When business executives plan to expand their successful businesses they are very often limited by the lack of expansion capital and enthusiastic, reliable personnel. Franchising becomes the perfect expansion vehicle because it eliminates both stumbling blocks to business expansion.

Franchising your business generates repayment free expansion capital and the enthusiasm and reliability of franchisees who eliminate all personnel problems. In addition, franchising promotes steadily increasing cash flow from royalties, product sales, and leases as new franchisees open and established franchisees build revenue.

What Do You Need?

Much like any new business venture, franchising your business takes careful planning and proper execution.

Before a prospective Franchisor (the company selling franchises) is permitted, under Federal regulation, to advertise, offer, or attempt to sell franchises it must be ready to disperse to prospective franchisees, two documents; (1) a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in the form and substance required by the Federal Trade Commission (US Department of Commerce); and (2) a complete Franchise Agreement that clearly describes the obligations and responsibilities of the Franchisee and the Franchisor. Failure to have, and to provide, as required, both documents under the regulation can result in stiff penalties.

Franchise Documents provides you with a fast and cost effective solution to comply with your legal obligations and begin selling franchises today.

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